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Experienced in:

  • New built vessels
  • Maintenance and Repair vessels
  • Sea fastening
  • Luxury yachting industry
  • Refit offshore constructions
  • Blade repair
  • Cleaning Turbines
  • Turbine installation


HCA Project Support has had over a decade of experience in supplying temporary personnel specialized in shipbuilding.

We, as HCA Project support, are part of a conglomerate of companies. This is, of course, very advantageous for our clients and us as we have lots of expertise in many branches. One of the companies that are also part of this conglomerate provides us with the aforementioned expertise. This company has a track record of over thirty years in shipbuilding, reparations and maintenance. Consequently, we can provide our clients with personnel that are extremely well equipped whether it concerns shipbuilding, reparations or shipbuilding and all of the procedures that come with it.
Our activities are not limited to shipbuilding alone. Besides this activity we can provide our clients with fully qualified temporary personnel specialized in all aspects of the offshore industry.

Secondly, if necessary, we can provide you with highly experienced personnel specialized in both the Oil & Gas industry and the Wind industry. The personnel we provide you with possess all qualifications in the form of valid BOSIET and HUET certificates of GWO Sea Survival and IRATA Level 3. According to our philosophy, this is the bare minimum of qualifications necessary in order to ensure high quality of services. Consequently, many of our workers are qualified even higher than this standard. 

HCA Project Support’s style of working is based on project-based working. This allows us to be very flexible. Furthermore, due to our years of experience and vast network we can ensure the quality of services you need to turn your project into a huge success.


HCA goes further than merely providing our clients with personnel. Our main goal is to solve your problem.

Do you feel HCA is the company for your job and would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Contact us via +31(0)10-3070808 or click here for our map and pick your country for contact details.